November 13

Colonial Bookbinders

Today when I’m doing what I always do making bookbinders I was sewing the parts of a book together and attaching the cover.My job takes skill and patience for this craft.The groups of the folded pages formed a book,The bookbinders apprentice folds with a bone blade.The pages had to be in right order.They all had to be right side up.The pages get put on a sewing  frame.I beat the pages  with a hammer so that they lay  flat and closed.Using waxed linen thread,I sew through the folds and around the strings of the frame.Then I trimmed the pages.This work took a lot of time!

November 2

Colonial Leaders

Who is King Philip (Metacom).

Chief of wampanoag band

became chief in 1662

first indian war

massasoit had maintained a longstand alliance with colonist

became sachem of the wampanoag their fathers death

King philip did not maintain his fathers alliance

war greatest calamity to occur

war leader

colonial victory

metcom fled to hope

That is King Philip (Metacom) !!!!