December 13

Personal Naritive

Have you ever had this much fun with you’re cousin?When I got to my cousin Abby’s house the first thing we did was braid eachother’s hair.The second thing we did was cheer practice for compition cheer. we practiced front hand springs,backbend kickovers,backbends and some other things.TheĀ  next thing we did was get some wood for the campfire for later on in the evening.After we did that we weren’t tired at all so we went to go bother our brother’s we took their nerf guns and shot them with it.The next thing we did was because we had enough energy so we did gymnastics.What we did was we performed some backflips,frontflips stuff like that.Then did are mackup we used eyeliner,eyeshadow,conceler.Then we started the campfire because we got tired so we listend music and sat by the fire.we didn’t go to sleep so we got up to play with the dog’s.We went to go get the squeker toys to play with but when we went to go to the dog room and the squeker from the sqeukey toy was torn out because of there weeny dog Drake so we couldn’t play with them anymore.Then we filled up on sugar and fell assleep.I had so much fun with my cousin Abby!