October 17


Once upon a time there was an abandoned  school.I was before sunrise and there were witches in the abandoned school.There were 2 kids that went into the school.When one of them went in the other went missing and the other one was really scared because the door shut.The door was locked.The kid was  scared so there weren’t a team anymore.The other kid was locked out which is Ally and the other kid that is missing is named Taylor.While Taylor was gone ally was wandering in the school.She realized there were some weird noises.They were in the kitchen so she went to the kitchen and saw a Witch and when she saw the ghost she screamed AHHH!The witches name was Ava but what Ally didn’t  realize was that Ava the ghost  was nice witch follows Ally and tells her that she is nice.There was another witch named Mykey.She is the ghost that took Taylor but Ava tells Mykey to give her back and Mykey says okay and gives her back and Ally and Taylor are a group again and run out of the school!

October 8


I went to the Pep Rally and they did it at the football field because there is  always so many people that go  because Homecoming is every 3 years.when I went to the football game that night I sat at the very top of the bleachers because there was a lot of space up at the top and we sat there.To me it didn’t seem like alot of people to me it felt like it was a normal football game.When I got there I saw a lot of people I knew.Well I had gotten there an hour early and the concession stand and there were already allot of people in line waiting to get there food so I stood there for a really long time just trying to order my food.When I got back I watched the game and when it was over we left and they won and were walking home because we walked there.